Friday, 19 June 2009

Skywatch Friday: Second Rainbow

Last weekend saw strong sunlight shine on Gee Cross Fete leading to one of the best turnouts for years. You can find my collection of photographs from the day on Gee Cross Fete 2009.

Everything changed in the evening when torrential rain arrived and whilst Monday morning was fine, the afternoon and early evening saw tremendous thunder storms hitting the area. Later we saw this rainbow.

This is the second rainbow we've seen since moving into our new apartment. The first rainbow I posted on Ackworth Born, Gone West as a contribution to Skywatch Friday.

As Friday posts on Ackworth Born are presently devoted to a series of Benches and posts on Hyde DP this week are already scheduled, I thought I'd show this here.


  1. I'm sure this IS the same one Gerald... mine was also taken on Monday.... I did wonder if you were taking a picture of it also... ha!

    My Sky Watch post are: Sky Views and Rainbows

  2. Fantastic pic, great capture.

    Have a great weekend
    Regina In Pictures

  3. What a beautiful rainbow and a fabulous shot! Love the colors!

    Happy SSS!

  4. Two rainbows already? Clearly you've moved to a magical place. ;-)

  5. Wanna search the pot of gold, nice rainbow capture!!

    Have a nice SWF

    Greetings from the Nethelands

  6. So if you and Tom join images will we have the complete rainbow and which end is the pot of gold.

  7. Very nice rainbow catch! Extra nice!

  8. I love the colors... wonderful photos of the sky... Really like your blog layout also, I tried to change mine today ....Lovely Sky Watch.... have a great weekend.... cheers

  9. That looks like a double can see another faint on the other side.

    Very cool capture !!

  10. lovely capture. rainbows are such awesome sights.
    have a wonderful weekend.

  11. A rainbow is always a pleasure to watch - maybe the consolation one gets for enduring the rain.


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