Monday, 10 November 2014

Standing, waiting for a train

Whilst improvement work takes place at Hyde Central Station there is nowhere for waiting passengers to sit as the old seats are behind the barriers - see Hyde Daily Photo.

According to Northern Rail they will be refurbishing the rear station wall; resurfacing the station concourse; installing improved lighting; resurfacing and improving and drainage in the car park.

A workman said they will be putting the shelter back when the work is complete.

A contribution to
Rubbish Tuesday;
Our World Tuesday;
Good Fences.


  1. That would do me in...I can't stand for very long. :-) I am guessing most opf the people are on their daily work commute.

  2. I think it will be very nice when completed. Funny how all commuters, no matter where they live, do the same things while waiting for a train. I read, too.

  3. i hope, for the sake of the riders, their construction goes quickly!

  4. It will be good when they get all those fences down and things are finsihed

  5. That must be a bummer to not be able to sit while waiting for the train. Looks like some progress is being made behind those fences.

  6. will be nice when its done which I hope is fast.

  7. not many commuters in Auckland. We have too many cars.


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