Sunday, 2 August 2009

Town Hall Flowerbeds

Looking from Corporation Street towards Market Street.

See how the corner looked in Spring 2008.

Looking down Corporation Street - see how it was in May 2008.

A closer view of the flowers can be seen today on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. It looks very well here Gerald... all the work that goes into this bits do help the town hall to look well looked after.

  2. It looks like they used the same type flowers this year. Colorful.

  3. Hi Gearld - good to see your comment yesterday and I very much enjoyed your link. It fitted so well with a later comment too as they tried (and failed) to photograph a clock. I'll do a roundup of comments and email contributions I've had and will link to you.

    I've been looking at public planting all year and also am running a quarterly meme called Out on the Streets where people are contributing their local public planting - both good and bad. The next one's due in September and I usually include a roundup of various posts I've found. Is it OK if I include this one?


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