Friday, 18 April 2014

Demolition of Multi-storey Car Park started

A start has been made in the demolition of the old multi-storey car park.

For a more distant view from Reynold Street see Hyde Daily Photo.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

The Church Inn - Route 66: 1902 - 2014

The coronation of Edward VII was set for 26th June 1902.

On Werneth Low, a bonfire was built.

Two days before the ceremony, the King was taken ill and the actual coronation postponed until 9th August.

The bonfire went ahead as planned as did celebrations at Godley Hill.

This was the scene outside the Church Inn.

This is how it looked in June 2006 when England were playing in the World Cup.

By December 2006 it had changed its name to "Tylers".

A year later and it was closed and up for auction.

In 2008 it opened as "Route 66" but after a series of "troubles" was closed down by the police in 2009.

A week last Monday there were warning notices on the shutters declaring "Work in progress Dangeours not allowd to go in building Access only".

On Friday I could see that workmen had ripped out the front windows and it was obvious in passing that the whole of the interior had been gutted.

A closer view of the current signage can be seen on Hyde Daily Photo.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Car Parking on Beeley Street

All of the car park off Beeley Street on the site of the former Hyde Lads Club used to be controlled by Tameside MBC but this section now comes under the control of "Simple Intelligent Parking". The problem for some motorists though is that the adjacent car park on the other side of Beeley Street is still council-run. Some people have been parking on one side but getting their tickets from the wrong machine and have then ended up being fined, which seems neither intelligent nor simple.

Read the "Contractual Notice" on Hyde Daily Photo.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Kerry Way now open

A recently opened new road off Mottram Road is Kerry Way.

It leads to the Kerry Foods factory, still referred to locally as Walls.

Previously HGVs had to negotiate the narrow Godley Hill Road past the houses in the background to access the factory.

See how the site looked in March 2013.

See another view of the road on Hyde Daily Photo.

A contribution to ABC Wednesday.
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