Wednesday, 29 July 2015

C is for Children's Carousel

The roundabout on Hyde Market was manufactured by Halsteads of Sowerby Bridge in 1897 and has been operating here for more than a century.

When I photographed it three years ago the fare for a ride was only 50p but now it has doubled to £1.

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Monday, 27 July 2015

Gee Cross Well Dressing: Girlguiding World Centres

Two weeks ago I showed you Booth's Well. Last week I showed you Ralph Fold Well. This week I bring you the Village Green Well which is dressed by 2nd Gee Cross Hyde Chapel Rainbows, Brownies & Guides.

They provided the following information:
  • Well Dressing 2015
  • This year we celebrate Girlguiding World Centres.
  • Did you know that every guiding member is a home owner!
  • We have four Guide homes in different parts of the world - Our Chalet in Switzerland, Pax Lodge in London, Our Cabana in Mexico, and Sangam in India.
  • Each home provides lots of activities for guiding members.
  • Sangam, India has peaceful leafy gardens and a refreshing swimming pool. There's a chance to discover Indian life and culture as you explore the nearby town's bustling shops and street markets.
  • Our Chalet Switzerland - This was the first World Centre and it opened in 1932. It is high in the Swiss mountains and winter visitors can learn to ski or toboggan. Summer visitors can go for cable rides or take mountain walks to admire the scenery.
  • Our Cabana, Mexico opened in 1957. Visitors can take part in regular fiestas held in the great hall and dance to live music. Nearby is a colourful craft market.
  • Pax Lodge, London has been a World Centre since 1991 and is the newest of the four world Centres. It is a great place to stay while you explore London.

For photographs from earlier years and links to more information about well dressing see this link.

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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Encountering Canada Geese

Walking the towpath of the Peak Forest Canal last week I came across a pair of Canadian Geese opposite the old wharfs. As I approached they slipped into the water, one of them giving me a loud hiss as they did so.

I turned to look at them having passed by and one raised itself out of the water and spread its wings.

They then went on to create ripples in the water before regaining the towpath.

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