Tuesday, 1 November 2016

Out of Hyde Town Hall (out of focus)

A few weeks ago I was able to join a group of people on a guided tour of the inside of Hyde Town Hall. I took loads of photographs but due to circumstance I've not had time to focus on sorting out a huge backlog of photographs and blogging about them.

This was taken through a window in the room below where the clock mechanism resides. The camera focused on the window leading so this view of Market Street is out of focus.

One day I will get round to publishing my other photos from that day including ones of the clock mechanism. It is easy to get unfocused up there - the contractors yesterday put the clock an hour forward instead of an hour back!

For more out of focus shots visit the City Daily Photo Bloggers theme day page.

Saturday, 1 October 2016

Abandoned railway line

Beyond the bridge on Apethorn Lane the former railway line from Godley Junction to Apethorn lies totally abandoned. The "Cheshire Lines Committee (CLC)" route opened in 1866. Following the electrification of the Woodhead line in 1954 and until 1981 when the through route to Sheffield closed, the main traffic on the line consisted of trains from the Yorkshire coalfield to the Fiddlers Ferry power station. Most of former trackbed is now utilised by the Trans Pennine Trail and National Cycle Network Route #62 but this section joined the main line from Hyde to Woodley a few hundred yards beyond this point. Although completely blocked off by metal railings across the underneath of the bridge someone seems to have gained access as a few tyre tracks seem visible.

This is a contribution to the "Abandoned Theme" at City Daily Photoblogs. It may look as if I've abandoned most of my blogs as I am only posting spasmodically. For the last few months I've been busily pre-occupied with other matters and although I've taken a lot of photographs I haven't had the time to sort through them and post on a regular basis. Whether that changes soon remains to be seen.

Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hattersley Hub

The Hattersley Hub on Ashworth Lane was built as part of a deal that allowed Tesco to build a new supermarket at the end of the M67. It houses the library service, Hattersley Neighbourhood partnership, the police, the community association and Peak Valley Housing Association as well as numerous other community groups and replaces the old libraries in both Hattersley and Mottram - see Mottram library as it looked in 2009 on Hyde DP Vol.1 and the rear of it in 2012 on Hyde Xtra, a photograph taken a week after its closure and two days after the murder nearby of PCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes.

Roadside tributes to the policewomen had been laid near the murder scene - see Hyde Xtra and later a memorial was created outside Hyde Police Station - see Hyde DP Vol.2. Now a new memorial has been placed outside the Hattersley Hub. It was unveiled by David Cameron the day after he ceased being Prime Minister.

A contribution to the Library theme at City Daily Photo Blogs.

Saturday, 30 July 2016

War Memorial, Victoria Street, Newton, Hyde

Victoria Street War Memorial on the corner with Cartwright Street is surrounded by wrought iron railings. The inscription on the plinth reads:
1914 - 1919


A full list of the names inscribed can be found at Carl's Cam

The bronze statue of a soldier on the top is a replica, added in 2005, to replace the often vandalised original.

A contribution to The Weekend in Black and White.

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