Wednesday, 9 September 2009

09:09 09/09/09

Hyde Town Hall clock at 09:09 on 09/09/09.

For a less close view see Hyde Daily Photo.

For a more distant shot see Geograph.

I'm not normally out and about at this hour as I can't use my travel-pass until 9.30 am weekdays. However I was up early and it was nice weather so I walked down into town and took two shots at the bewitching moment.

Some people are supposedly including the seconds but that assumes the clock photographed is set to the right time and the camera's EXIF date is absolutely accurate. It seems the EXIF data on my camera is inaccurate by about ten minutes, in addition to being set to GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) rather than the current BST (British Summer Time).

I went down to the bus station and tried to catch the 9.30 346 bus, but it was running two minutes early and the driver wouldn't let me on if I didn't pay 80p so I waited for the 9.35 389 instead!

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  1. Excellent shot of our beloved Townhall Clock... and at such a unique time


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