Friday, 27 November 2009

Hibberts Family Butchers

Hibberts Family Butchers have been trading in Hyde for over 30 years.

They used to operate inside the Clarendon Shopping Centre Market where today you will find the tripe stall of Jack Curvis, Susie's Deli and Kelly's authentic Indian cuisine.

Three years ago they moved into a shop on Clarendon Place under a taxi-cab office. You can see inside the shop on Hyde Daily Photo.

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  1. without a doubt, the best butchers in the north west. high standard of hygiene and an even higher standard of produce.. 10/10 for quality of meat and service. they offer a fantastic service and there own opinions on products. alot of customers, including myself regard there advice as sensational.friendly service, high quality produce and all the meats are from local souces. highly recommended


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