Saturday, 17 July 2010

Queen Adelaide 2010

The Queen Adelaide public house in Gee Cross is still open for business but presently like so many pubs is up for sale.

See how the Queen Adelaide looked in

In most old pubs the rooms were divided into various classes such as Public, "Saloon", "Snug" each catering for different types of clientèle.

The front rooms at the Queen Ad were the "Bar Parlour" which probably housed a piano for entertainment and the "Vault" which was probably for the more hardened regulars.

The names are etched on the windows. You can see the window of the Vault on Hyde Daily Photograph.

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  1. This makes me thirsty. Haven't had a beer all week. I have a karate match tomorrow. Maybe after the match, I'll come home and load the picture and sip a bitter ale.


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