Sunday, 5 September 2010

End of Grange Road North

This is the Southern end of Grange Road North.

Certainly for motor vehicles it is the end of the road. Fail to stop and they run the risk of crashing over the embankment on to what was once the busy Godley to Apethorn railway carrying coal trains from Yorkshire to Merseyside.

Now the track is gone and used by walkers, cyclists and horse-riders as part of the Trans Pennine Trail.

From the end of the pavement a footpath leads down on to the trail, or you can turn left and cross a bridge to Donald Avenue which you can see on Hyde Daily Photo.

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  1. You might recall, Gerald, that some years ago one motorist did just that one night. If I remember correctly the car actually hit the embankment on the other side and the driver was killed. As a result the metal posts which you see in the photo were erected to try to prevent any recurrence.


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