Sunday, 24 April 2011

The road from Ennerdale

This is the road from Ennerdale, the last of the new homes to be constructed on the site of the former Automasters Engineering Works.

The trees casting their shadows across the road are on the banks of the Wilson Brook, an area which lay invisible to the public for years inside Automasters.

Beyond the railings is the Peak Forest Canal by the now spruced-up sluice gates.

See "The Ennerdale" under construction on Hyde Daily Photo.

Find more shadow shots for Sunday on Hey Harriet.

This is one of 49 photographs from a stroll along the Peak Forest Canal on April 10th 2011. See them in a sideshow on the Geo-trip website.

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  1. Nice! 1 of 49? Sounds like a fun day out shooting! I'll pop over to view the slideshow.


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