Sunday, 1 April 2012

Manchester Road Roving Bridge

(click on image to view enlarged version)

Looking down the side the Manchester Road bridge over the Peak Forest Canal. The roving bridge which is Grade II listed was built to allow horses pulling boats to change sides without being unhitched when the towpath moved from one side to the other. In the background is the railway bridge over Manchester Road.

For another view of this bridge and a fuller explanation of the term "roving bridge" see my post from December 2008.

This post is a contribution to Cobblestones, the CDPB theme for April 2012,
The Weekend in Black and White
and Sunday Bridges at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo.


  1. Quite complicated engineering in this 'roving' bridge, Gerald. At least it is made from compacted earth, rather than concrete as so many are nowadays. i love the shape of that curve in the foreground. Even the floor of the pathway has a delicious mound to it.

    Thank you for this contribution.

  2. Winding beauty.

    Please have a good new month and week ahead.

  3. Clever and attractive, I'd never heard the term roving bridge before so I learned something.

  4. What a unique and lovely bridge configuration. So old and so beautiful. This is a wonderful contribution to Louis’s Sunday Bridges. It is definitely a one-of-a-kinder. genie

  5. Excellent choice, the picture is beautiful.

  6. Sort of like a puzzle-walk. Huh!

  7. It is beautiful and so clever. Horses pulling boats--nice to imagine.


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