Thursday, 19 April 2012

Easter Saturday on Hyde Market

A view across the ongoing renewal of Hyde Market towards Clarendon Street, the White Lion and the children's carousel.

A very sturdy metal rail has been laid across one section of the market. Whether it is the base for something more substantial to be built upon it or something else I don't know. Meanwhile the carousel continues going round and round.

Shoppers were looking over the pot plants for sale but there were no daffodils.

Compare with the scene a week previous. More tarmac has been lain and a footpath created between Market Street and the ongoing renewal work. With the Sheffield stands currently out of action, one cyclist has parked his bike outside the White Lion as you can see on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. We need your construction workers for some fast bridge work in Louisville, KY. Instead of talk, talk, talk. Hope your place keeps this brightly colored fencing.

  2. What happened to those lovely wrought iron bus stop shelters I remember from the '50's & '60's? Used to catch the 210 trolley bus up Hyde lane to Gee X.

    1. Nothings happen to them - in these photographs they are behind the photographer - they are grade II listed and going nowhere.


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