Thursday, 17 May 2012

Sign of the Bengal Spice

This is the sign for the Bengal Spice on Clarendon Place. The premises used to belong to the Garlic before it relocated to Clarendon Mall. The Bay Leaf took over the site briefly but by January 2011 it had become the Bengal Spice. A few months later it was taken over by the Jaipur. A few months ago that moved to premises on Market Street previously occupied by the Clove.

Meanwhile on Clarendon Place the sign for the Bengal Spice has gone back up, but there is no name on the front and it hasn't actually reopened.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. They never learn!
    You can barely make out the phone number.
    That font looks like bits are missing from it.

  2. Wonder if it looks better at night.

  3. Oh dear, it would be hard to follow your favourite food with all these changes!

  4. Sounds like bad karma. Maybe they should try something different than a restaurant in that building!

  5. LOL they need a Feng Shui expert to get the right kind of spice.:p

  6. I would hope that it would be easier to read at night. Maybe it b=glows in the dark or there is some form of lighting behind it. genie


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