Friday 8 February 2013

The end of Market Street

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At what came to be known as the "Ring o' Bells" roundabout the B6468 changes its name from Market Street to Stockport Road.

The roundabout was built in 2006 to accommodate the clock tower which used to be inside the James North factory on the left. The factory was closed in 1998 and subsequently demolished. An estate of houses was built on the site.

On the right, the "Lynks" mortgage advice shop was formerly Stockport Road Post Office (although its address was Market Street) - it had previously been located in Stockport Road just beyond the Ring o' Bells.

As I showed in yesterday's post, The pub at the beginning of Stockport Road recently closed.

See a closer view of the roundabout on Hyde Daily Photo.

A contribution to Skywatch Friday.


  1. Such a quaint looking street scene. I love it!
    JM Illinois

  2. Nice click, Gerald!

  3. I worked at North’s for a while and had family whose corner pub it was. Small changes seem to be occurring in the town-site that seems to make a huge difference, but there seems to neither direction nor vision for Hyde as a whole. Where do the people fit in here and their representatives, the city council?
    Pat - Western Canada

  4. even before we left Mottram it seemed that Tameside were concentrateing everything on Ashton and i doubt if thats changed much. I mourne the demise of the old " Longdenedale Rural Council", big is not always better

    bill, nebraska


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