Sunday, 5 May 2013

Garden Street Recreation Ground from Ashton Road

Following on from Thursday's photograph Sign at Garden Street Recreation Ground looking east from the Garden Street entrance and Friday's Skywatch photograph looking west from the Ashley Street entrance towards Garden Street and Ashton Road, this view is looking east from Ashton Road.

Here is a closer view of the crow seen perusing the football pitch.

A view looking east from Ashley Street can be found on Hyde Daily Photo.

A contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday and Camera Critters.


  1. Great shot of the crow ~ beautiful ^_^

  2. Great crow shot! happy weekend!

  3. WOW! You really for a great shot of the crow. He is quite an impressive bird. Lovely. genie

  4. The crows' feathers really polish up to a great shine in this photo! Interesting how just a portion of his tail casts a shadow!

  5. great shadows; have a Nice Sunday

    much love...


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