Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Kerry Way and Godley Hill Road

Since the building of Kerry Way, access to Godley Hill from Station Road under bridge #43 on the Hadfield and Ardwick Junction line has been blocked off.

See a view of the bridge from the opposite direction on Hyde Daily Photo.

The new road past the Kerry Foods factory will eventually lead to a new light industrial area being created on land at Hattersley.

This view shows the road as it sweeps down to Mottram Road. Entrance to the Kerry Foods Factory and access to Godley Hall Inn and the houses at Godley Hill is on the right.

This shows the old road to the factory which has been reduced to a footpath. The new road is on the other side of the fence.

This view is looking back down the former access road past the War Memorial (set back on the left) where Godley Hill Road now terminates.

Looking up the old road from outside the War Memorial.

The War Memorial at Godley Hill, unveiled in 1920, is a small obelisk made of granite in the centre of a circular flower bed. The area is surrounded by a low wall. Access is through small metal gates, both of which bear the date 1953 (possibly because they were placed there for the Coronation of Elizabeth II). In front of the memorial, on the flower bed, is a cube-shaped white receptacle for holding flowers bearing the words "In memory of the fallen of Godley Hill"

A group of volunteers recently cleaned the area around the memorial and planted new bulbs in the flower beds.

For a closer view and to read details of the names inscribed see my earlier post from March 2013.

A contribution to Good Fences.


  1. sweet memorial. i like the old road arch, too.

  2. Great selection of different fences in this post.

  3. Nice to know that the Memorial is being taken care of. It looks like a lovely place to visit.


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