Sunday, 26 April 2015

New shop on Grosvenor Road

Originally there were a set of six shops on Grosvenor Road but by 2009 (see Hyde DP Volume 1) the middle shops had all been converted into housing. The hairdressers at the bottom end was converted into offices for a heating engineers by January 2013 and by Xmas 2013 even Yogi's convenience store at the top end had also closed and was being converted to residential use. Last year the offices at the bottom end were empty also (see Hyde DP Volume 2).

Now a new convenience store is opening up. To begin with it is mainly selling confectionary and ice-cream but hopes to expand into selling newspapers and magazines.

The shadow of the trees at Knott Fold are reaching across.

A contribution to Shadow Shot Sunday.


  1. At least it's being used, and with residents in the other units, that gives the shop some close by foot traffic.

  2. Perhaps this is one time that old buildings beyond their old functional value, may still survive with a new lease on life.

  3. Plaid shadows! I love the pattern!

  4. I like how the shadows of the trees seem to be slithering across the road.

    Friends in Shadows


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