Thursday, 30 April 2015

Peak Forest Canal: Sluice Gates to Wilson Brook

The Peak Forest Canal approaching the winding hole (an area widened out to allow craft to turn round) in Hyde.

On the left is the M67 motorway. Ahead is a 19th century warehouse and behind that the Manchester to Rose Hill railway.

The sluice gate on the right allows water to run off into Wilson Brook. The houses behind the fence are part of Moorfield Place which was built on the site of the former Automasters Engineering Works.

See how it looked in
May 2014; nine months earlier in
August 2013; a year before that in
September 2012; earlier in
February 2012; a year earlier in
March 2011; three years before that in
March 2008 before the Automasters Works was demolished.

A contribution to
Good Fences;
Skywatch Friday.


  1. Pretty view of the canal. Great fence scene.. Have a great day!

  2. 'sluice gate' is pretty interesting. neat canal area. thanks, gerald!

  3. Beautiful railway bridge in the distance. It was interesting to see all the "before" pictures. My favorite was September 2012.

  4. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  5. new follower (from the fence linkz), and I love your photos! Wow!

  6. Interesting details, and a rather tranquil scene.

  7. Canals like this seem fascinating to me. Very nice shot of the fence/canal.

  8. Having water and clouds, what more could you want?

  9. Lots of change from 2008, great shot!

  10. Interesting scene!
    Have a wonderful week-end!

  11. Very nice. It's a "boat gate" :-)


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