Thursday, 7 May 2015

Pinch-point on Henry Street

Henry Street and its continuation Higher Henry Street used to be used as a "rat run" (as such routes are called) for traffic between Dowson Road and Manchester Road wanting to avoid the main road through the town centre.

The "traffic-calming" measures introduced some years ago involved creating a "pinch-point" here where the road is reduced to 6 feet 6 inches width to prevent HGVs accessing the road. Various sections were made "one-way" so it became no longer a direct "through-route".

This is Church Street approaching the junction with Henry Street.

A contribution to signs, signs.


  1. Ah, so there is rhyme and reason for some of the things that seem a bit out of place!

  2. thank you for letting me get a little experience of an entirely different world view. :)

  3. Here the traffic calming measures tend to include speed bumps.

  4. That width would be fine for my bicycle, but way too narrow for a truck and trailer.

  5. That sign would have confused me; thanks for the explanation.


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