Monday, 9 November 2015

RTA on Market Street

There was a road traffic accident on Market Street at the Union Street junction on Saturday. It involved two cars and when I passed by there were two ambulances in attendance. Hopefully the people involved were not badly injured and were being treated by paramedics inside the ambulances.

Traffic was backed up on the approach routes. With standing traffic on Dowson Road and no bus in view I decided to walk down to the bus station and passed the scene probably some 45 minutes or so after the accident had happened. I got a bus to Denton and another from there to Ashton.

On my return journey an hour and a half later the bus was diverted via Lumn Road - no doubt accident investigators and/or recovery vehicles were on the scene by then.

A contribution to Monday Mellow Yellows and Our World Tuesday.


  1. Hope all is well. Nice colors and while I hate they crashed. Happy you were there to snap some pics So my post doesn't get lost in my bloggy morning I am including a link if you want to visit

  2. It's interesting to see the differences in ambulances there as opposed to here.

  3. Hope everyone is OK.
    Hope you'll come join us at - would love you to link up!

  4. The aftermath of an accident and the ripple effect it has on the transport system. Hoping it was only the vehicles that were damaged.

  5. Nice bit of on the spot reporting, Gerald!


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