Saturday, 19 December 2015

Weekend Reflections: Manchester Blood Bikes

Last Saturday it rained unceasingly all day. Despite the rain it didn't stop people visiting. In front of the Town Hall there was a visit from two real reindeer. Take a closer look at them on my post from 12th December 2015.

Also there in front of the Christmas Tree were members of Blood Bikes Manchester.

Blood Bikes Manchester is a registered charity, which offers an out of hours and free of charge urgent medical courier service to the NHS. They volunteer to play their part in saving peoples lives and save the NHS money that would otherwise be wasted on taxis or expensive couriers, but more than anything else they do it because they love it.

Find out more information on the Blood Bikes Manchester website.

A contribution to Weekend Reflections.


  1. Wet pavements make excellent reflective surfaces. I have never heard of the blood bikes before but what an excellent charity.

  2. An interesting concept, and reminds me that I have to give blood sometime over the holidays.

  3. lovely reflections in the wet pavement. Now to check out your reindeer post!

  4. Nice reflections in the rain water. First time I've heard of blood bikes. I saw a show where they had motorcycle paramedics who could get to emergencies quickly before the Ambulance arrived. I think it was a British TV show


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