Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Rubbish clean up at Swains Valley

Last Sunday a group of local volunteers got together to clear a lot of the rubbish that is regularly deposited around Swains Valley.

Around a grassed area which children often use as a playground are footpaths that lead from Haughton Street and Garside Street past Swains Valley allotments and on to the Transpennine Trail which follows the old railway line from Godley to Apethorn.

Amongst the litter thrown into the undergrowth they found old cans, bagged up dog dirt and some things I'd rather not mention at all. The council promised to come and take the collected bags away but last I heard they hadn't yet done so.

A contribution to Our World Tuesday.


  1. Why is it that there are people who can't get their trash to a trash can? Roads around here are littered with stuff that folks could have thrown out once they got home or got to work, but no. Out the window it goes.

  2. Fair play to them, just need the council to play their part now!

  3. We have regular garbage walks here as well. The country roads are especially hard to keep clean, as people seem to think it's alright to throw things from the car when no one is around. Good for you!


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