Thursday, 1 September 2016

Hattersley Hub

The Hattersley Hub on Ashworth Lane was built as part of a deal that allowed Tesco to build a new supermarket at the end of the M67. It houses the library service, Hattersley Neighbourhood partnership, the police, the community association and Peak Valley Housing Association as well as numerous other community groups and replaces the old libraries in both Hattersley and Mottram - see Mottram library as it looked in 2009 on Hyde DP Vol.1 and the rear of it in 2012 on Hyde Xtra, a photograph taken a week after its closure and two days after the murder nearby of PCs Fiona Bone and Nicola Hughes.

Roadside tributes to the policewomen had been laid near the murder scene - see Hyde Xtra and later a memorial was created outside Hyde Police Station - see Hyde DP Vol.2. Now a new memorial has been placed outside the Hattersley Hub. It was unveiled by David Cameron the day after he ceased being Prime Minister.

A contribution to the Library theme at City Daily Photo Blogs.


  1. This building is quite a change from the one you showed in 2009! It is good to have so many different services grouped together.

  2. Quite a modern look to it. I can think of one of the branches here that's housed with a number of other city facilities.


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