Sunday, 7 March 2010

End of Station Road, Godley

These are the Godley Arches over the A57 on the East side of Hyde viewed from the end of Station Road.

To the left, on the embankment, is the new Godley station and the entrance for Manchester-bound trains.

The entrance for Glossop-bound trains is on the other side of the arches.

The new Godley Station replaced the now closed and disappeared Godley East Station, aka Godley Junction which lies another half mile down Station Road.

The railway line carries trains from Manchester Piccadilly to Glossop, but at one time it went all the way to Sheffield via the Woodhead Tunnel. Nowadays at Dinting Junction all that is left of that old route is a short spur to Hadfield.

See a closer view of the arches on Hyde Daily Photo.

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