Sunday, 23 May 2010

A Walk down Pudding Lane:
Hattersley to Longlands

Pudding Lane is an old route between Mottram and Godley. At Hattersley it was preserved as a walkway when the Manchester overspill estate was built in the 1950s.

Here between Wardle Brook Avenue and Hattersley Road West the houses are built without individual road access as car ownership was low at that time.

The estate has seen many improvements in recent years with much of the older stock of houses being demolished.

Also now demolished is Harehills Primary School which closed in 2002. Its site was on the left of the fence.

Past the school the lane leads into an old wood.

On the left are some large private houses.

Eventually the lane leads to the modern A57 Mottram Road at Longlands Lodge.

For the return journey visit Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. my goodness how things change i used to walk this way to longlands lodge when it was used as hattersley secondary school i now live in kenya i have been here for 4 years but we are looking to locate back to good old uk soon my name was Brenda Thomas back then it is now Brenda Farrington and my husband Keith is a former pupil also i just looked out of curiosity as i left hattersley 33yrs ago

  2. I know Keith Farrington "metalworm"... yes keith this is Dave Heywood "woodworm"... do you remember me?... I remember Longlands.

  3. The first photo shown is the section of Pudding lane between Hattersley road west and Hare Hill road. i remember playing in that square as a child. Jamie and Jeanette Darbishire and Gary Toweller lived on that row and later on, when we got in our 20's, Zena Hale, with her daughter Sam, lived in the furthest house near the bus stop. Sam Stimpson.

  4. Hi, I am David Carter and I lived at 34 pudding lane,from the age of 6 to 20. I have fond memories of Pudding Lane and going to Harehill school.I am now near 60 years old and I live in Spain.


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