Sunday, 4 July 2010

Footpath with Willows

This footpath is part of an ancient route between Apethorn and St George's Church.

This section leads from the junction of Grosvenor Road and Grosvenor Crescent with Foxholes Road to Clough Fold Road and is here fenced in between the gardens of modern houses.

The view in the opposite direction can be seen on Hyde Daily Photo.


  1. I feel more "in" this shot than the one with only the fence.

  2. I like this photo, I have a similar one except with no willows. Willows make a pretty photo.

    Men think they are better drivers. I admit my husband is better than me. BUT they don't ask for directions. So sometimes they go round and round.

    I always ask. Last Thursday, I wanted to look for a particular sculpture. Do you know how many people I asked? More than a dozen. My husband would never ask, and we would wander blindly in the 75 hectares of park in the soggy ground. LOL

    Thanks for visiting.


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