Sunday, 26 December 2010

Footbridges over the M67

This is the Eastern of the two footbridges that cross the M67 from either end of Hyde bus station.

Here is the view alongside the retaining wall of the bus station towards the Western footbridge. On the right is the Eastbound sliproad off the motorway at Junction 3.

For the view in the opposite direction see Hyde Daily Photo.

If you are wondering where all the cars are -- this was Christmas Eve morning and they were all jampacked in the carparks of the nearby supermarkets.

For more Sunday Bridges visit San Francisco Bay Daily Photo


  1. The cold weather is obvious in the photo, leading «Louis» to ask once again "What 'Global Warming'?"...


    Christmas blessings to you, Gerald.

  2. Both of your shots are so interesting, and i especially enjoy it when, like you, the photographer gives me a different perspective on the same structure or sight. Nice work. Genie

  3. and you were out shooting while people are i the supermarket!:p looks cold.

  4. Looks just as slippery as my street!
    Hope you had a great Christmas!


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