Saturday, 1 January 2011

Best of Hyde 2010 - Runner-up

"Edith" approaching on the Peak Forest Canal is the runner-up in my poll to find the Best of Hyde Photo 2010.

I selected twelve contenders and asked readers to vote for their favourites.

The winning picture is posted on Hyde Daily Photo.

The results of the voting were:

1st (170 votes) Jan 4th:
New Year on Market Street.
I have never seen Market Street look so clean and white! -- Great perspective looking all the way up to Werneth Low in the background. Would make a great Christmas card -- I love the snow. You must have been out early to take this as the snow looks quite new -- A beautiful (and peaceful) winter shot of what is usually a hectic place -- Definitely one of the best images of a main street I have ever seen. Picture postcard perfect! I now live in Western Canada but I traveled up and down this street many times. Thanks for the memories -- the red buildings pop out between a colorless sky and snow, thus enhancing the street perspective -- This photo totally brings back Hyde for me. How many times I must have stood at the lights looking up Market Street the same as this photo. The snow adds great character to the scene. This is a masterful photo.
2nd (82 votes) May 9th: Edith Approaching
Just want to get on that boat and escape... to wherever it's going. -- Idyllic scene with the water ripples adding to the sense of relaxation -- How typically English this photo is, it brings back great memories of summer days and lazy afternoons spent by the Peak Forest Canal.

3rd (67 votes) Sep 24th: Laughter on the Market
Lovely capture. These is a lot of fun and joy of life in this photo -- The detail of the garments compliments the humanity of the picture -- Like how you've captured a split second moment here. This shot has a really happy atmosphere to it.
4th (55 votes) Feb 13th: Ice under Dowson Road
Love the "angle" of the photograph, a sense that the arches/bridges go on forever.
5th (32 votes) Aug 20th: Nelson Street
I love the black/white with one red spot of color in the red car. Fabulous perspective.
6th (21 votes) Mar 30th: Treasurer's Daffodils
Lovely composition and resonates with the economic times. At least there are still the flowers...
7th (18 votes) Apr 24th: Godley Green
The reflection in the puddle is really quite beautiful. If I had to drive through it, though, I probably wouldn't be noticing the reflections!
8th (15 votes) Nov 17th: Runners
You can feel the pain!
9th (14 votes) Jun 21st: Gee Cross Fete
Another wonderful English photo, summer sunshine and happy faces.
10th (13 votes) Jul 30th: Waiting at Newton
There is something exciting about this picture. It makes me think of all the lovely places I would like to go to -- I love the way you've captured the scene with the arriving train.
11th (12 votes) Oct 17th: Tinkers Passage
I just want to jump over the wall to see Hyde play a good match. I have been going to all the home matches for over forty years.
12th (7 votes) Nov 7th: Pylons over Hattersley
Reminded me much of home, wide country sight, sound on these electrical lines during rain.
The full-sized version of all twelve contenders can be viewed on Best of Hyde 2010.

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