Sunday, 24 June 2012

Dog walking on the Trans Pennine Trail

(click on photo for full version)

After all the recent rain there is a huge puddle under the Dowson Road bridge over the TransPennine Trail.

I passed by a woman walking her dogs and when I turned round I saw the youngest dog looking at its mistress - see the photo on Hyde Daily Photo.

She picked it up and dropped it by the side of the bridge where it was just muddy. It then scampered off after its two companions who'd already gone round the puddle.

A contribution to Camera Critters,
Sunday Bridges at San Francisco Bay Daily Photo and
Scenic Sunday


  1. I enjoyed the other photo at Vol 2. This looks like a love place to walk and the photos were great.

  2. Great framing of the moment.

  3. my favorite today out relishing nature all of you !!Sandy

  4. I had a horse that refused to get her feet wet. She would try to jump so I had to be prepared. - Margy


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