Friday, 14 September 2012

Sluice Gate on the Peak Forest Canal

(Click on image to view full-size version)

This sluice gate on the Peak Forest Canal allows water to run off into Wilson Brook. The houses behind the fence on the left are part of Moorfield Place which was built on the former site of Automasters Engineering Works. Ahead the canal turns Northward under the M67 motorway.

See it in the opposite direction on Hyde Daily Photo.

See the view in February 2008 when a graffiti-ridden wall topped by barbed wire protected the Automasters Works.

See the view in September 2010.

See the view in March 2011

A contribution to Friday Fences.


  1. wow, such going on in this view. so much to take in. i really enjoy it. (:

  2. I sure would like to see this in person.

  3. There's a lock similar to this at Great Bridge, Va. So interesting! I know these gates had an important purpose.


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