Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bayleyfield and Carrfield

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Bayleyfield is one part of an estate of new houses built by Barratts on the site of the former Ashton Brothers Mill.

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The other part of the estate is Carrfield. The old mill chimney in the background has survived only as housing for mobile phone masts.

See Ashton Bros Mill in 2002 on Hyde Daily Photo Vol.1 and later under demolition in 2007.

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On the other side of the resident's car park is Carrfield Mill which was the home of "Christy Towels". Founded in 1851, Christy is the world's oldest towel manufacturer and is the UK's leading towel brand. Christy invented the first loom to mechanically weave what remains today the basis of the modern towel and is the exclusive supplier of the towels to the world famous Wimbledon Tennis Championship.

The front of the mill is on Newton Street.

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Carrfield Mill on Newton Street was the UK HQ of the 1 billion USD Welspun Group who acquired an 85% interest in Christy for a business valuation of GBP 15.6 m, in July 2006.

In 2008 they closed the dyehouse and making-up departments at Hyde and transferred the machinery to a specially designed site at Welspun's Anjar facility in India.

Their UK HQ and sales office remained at Carrfield Mill until 2012 when they took over 12,000 sq ft of offices and showroom facilities at Orbit Developments' Park Square complex in Cheadle.

The old mill is now in the process of being demolished.

See the front entrance to the mill on Hyde Daily Photo.

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