Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Hyde Daily Photo of the Year 2012: Runner-up

Each year since 2006 I've gathered together a number of photographs throughout the year and asked people to vote for their favourites.

The 2012 runner up is Double Rainbow over Hyde posted on September 21st.

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Voting this year was very close between the top two photographs and between the photos from fourth to sixth and seventh to ninth places.
1st (176 votes) Do I have to walk through water? Jun 24th: - Great shot of the English traditional countryside - Like the greenery - too cute! - The many gradations of green are what appeal here, also the humorous caption! The viewer is drawn along the path. - I like the setting of the photo with the subject and story right in the center, very well focus.

2nd (163 votes) Double rainbow over Hyde Sep 21st: - Very natural - The magical effect of a double rainbow over fairly ordinary trees and roofs is what makes this photo special. - like the double rainbow saw one the other day before visiting my sister in hospital so feel it is a symbol of hope. - Lovely tribute to 2 fallen policewomen.

3rd (106 votes) Adamson Wharf Mar 31st: - I used to run along the footpath shown in the photo of Adamson's wharf to work at Providence Mill. - lovely nautical reflections.

4th (85 votes) Looking up Joel Lane Aug 11th: - like the black and white.

5th (83 votes) Garden of Tranquility Apr 10th:- The garden of Tranquility looks just that. Although I live in the town I very rarely go to the park. - reminds me of a similar view in London.

6th (82 votes) Town Hall from Central Station Nov 16th: - The tops of those buildings are something you can see by standing and looking round from most places in the town. The Town Hall is an especially nice building. - I just love the sky in this one.

7th (72 votes) Civil War Cannon May 13th: - people, quirky, endearing.

8th (71 votes) The top of a tree Feb 17th:- love tree skeletons in winter. - simple celebration of trees: patterns, lines, shapes.

9th (70 votes) Arnold Avenue Jul 31st: - Beautiful, this is England on it's best. Brings back nice memories of holidays in the UK.

10th (57 votes) George and Dragon Aug 29th:

11th (43 votes) Looking past the Crown Pole Jan 20th: - The crown is quirky and the wonderful dusky light gives an almost surreal air to this photo.

12th (30 votes) Fancy Dress and Fish & Chips Oct 23rd:- life of an "ordinary" place.

Many thanks to all who voted and commented.


  1. Shalom Gerald. Wishing you a year full of beautiful new photographs.

  2. We are already looking forward to next year's selection.Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

  3. Wow... I've tried, but never got a double that's as lovely as this! Kudos!


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