Friday, 15 March 2013

Godley Hill War Memorial

The War Memorial at Godley Hill, is a small obelisk made of granite in the centre of a circular flower bed. The area is surrounded by a low wall. It was erected in honour and deep gratitude to the men who fought for liberty and freedom in the Great World War 1914-1919 and unveiled by Daniel Adamson Esq, of Longlands, July 17th, 1920.

The inscription on the right hand side reads
Lieut Daniel Adamson
Pte Alec Bowker
Gr Wm Brookes
Pte Tom Eddings
Sgt John Pursglove

Pte Eric Bellaers
P O Harry N Davies DFC
F E Sgt Harold Jackson
Pte Ernest Miller
Joseph Miller.

The rear of Godley Hill War Memorial with the Godley Hill Inn visible in the background.

The inscription reads
Sgt Ernest Beal
Alfred Barton
Pte David Bardsley
Wm Bullough
Cpl J Wm Day
Pte J Wm Ellis
Arthur Ellis
Cpl Geo Gibson
Sgt R P Hitchin
Dr Wm Hughes
Pte Fred Howarth
Dr Wm Knowles
Pte Wm Kirkham
Lieut Ernest Lee
Pte Wm Smalley
Pte Jas Taylor
Ernest Wilkinson
Sgt Thos Wilkinson
Pte Harold Widdowson
Walter Walker.

The left hand side of Godley Hill War Memorial with houses on Godley Hill Lane in the background. The inscription reads
Lieut Geo. R Adamson
Pte Sidney Beal
Harry Critchlow
Frank Critchlow
Cpl Geor. Coombes
Sp Vere Foster
Pte Ed. Hewitt
Dr Wm Jackson
Pte Herbert Jones
Arthur Jones
Frank Jones
Wm Leech
Pte John Mellor
Sgt J Wm Oldham
Pte Frank Oldham
Herbert A Price
Gr John Swann
Pte Edward Smith
Gr J Wm Turner
Pte Arthur Fernley

See the front of the War Memorial on Hyde Daily Photo.

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  1. How brave these men were, and what a wonderful memorial in their honor! Such a peaceful place too! Glad you listed their names.


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