Saturday, 1 June 2013

Walking into Gower Hey Woods

The steps that lead down into Gower Hey Woods from the Trans Pennine Trail at Swain's Valley have recently been stabalized by the addition of sand.

See them in the opposite direction on Hyde Daily Photo.

See how they looked in April 2009; again in July 2012 when the valley was flooded and later when there was a green autumn

Duckboards lead across an area of swampland.

In June 2009 the area was covered in buttercups but they'd disappeared by October 2009. The area was fairly dry in April 2011 but see how it looked in April 2012

Old logs covered in moss lie in the swamp - animals can be found here - see the beauty of decay.

Above the swamp the Gower Hey Brook is culverted under Swain's Valley and Dowson Road.

See how it looked in June 2009 and again in March 2012.

Above the culvert is the valley of the Gower Hey Brook.

See how it looked in May 2010, a year later in March 2011 and another year on in March 2012.

A contribution to Scenic Weekends.


  1. Fascinating changes in this lovely area! Particularly loved your comment about finding beauty in decay!

  2. It is great they are maintaining the trail. It looks like a pretty place for a walk. Happy weekend to you!

  3. Amazing how an area can change so much



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