Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Best of Hyde Daily 2013: Runner-up

Steps out of Gower Hey Woods was the runner-up in the contest for Best of Hyde Daily 2013.

The winner can be viewed on Hyde Daily Photo and all the photos can be seen on Best of Hyde Daily 2013.

Here are the full results:

1st (157 votes) Reflections at Pole Bank Pond
Always going to be in my top three, love the place; very good reflections shot - usually, you see both reflections and what is reflected. Seeing reflections only has both an arresting and a disturbing effect- I just love reflections, and these are very crisp - Lovely upside down world of reflections - the trees even more beautiful than if one saw them against a 'right way up' rural background - love the reflections.
2nd (140 votes) Steps Out of Gower Hey Woods
You can use your imagination as to what might be at the top - the rising steps and gate take you right into the picture. For me, it symbolises the steps in life you need to take in order to reach new heights of awareness - Enticing. The steps upwards to who knows what - a mild anticipation and mystery - It looks like spring, and I am cold - out of professional interest I had to admire this handsome piece of construction. I hope it's built robustly enough to withstand all the human traffic that it deserves to attract.
3rd (115 votes) St George's Church
The big window will soon have new coloured glass - shining in the spring - good memories of this church as a young lad and it had a good associated youth club; think Timmy Mallet's dad was the vicar there in the early 70s - the limestone walls of St George's which were once black from smoke look like marble on this photo. The light really captures the beauty of this Church.
4th (90 votes) Teapot Reflections
Great picture, great place - I could do with a cup of tea - it's enjoyable studying the reflections and trying to piece together the scene behind the photographer.
5th (79 votes) Sweet Memories
Like the penny tray yum - like the way you've captured the action of the boy and the expression on the girl's face - I want THAT one!!! :O) - the expressions on the faces reaching for the goodies :
6th (78 votes) Victoria Street War Memorial
love the composition, the grainyness. Beautiful.
7th (65 votes) Lamb Inn
Great pub; looked at it every morning from my bedroom window; top picture too - seems to have been around for ever this place, used to pass it every day on my way to Enfield St. Primary and later in life became my local for a while; imagine with a name like that many 'woolly stories' have been told in there over the years.
8th (60 votes) Broomstair Bridge
Many is the time I have looked over this bridge while walking to my grandparents in Audenshaw; those were the days when most people walked locally.
9th (53 votes) Hot Shadows
sensitive work with soft shadow and light effect and catching the girl's legs and wheelchair user going in opposite directions- Like the contrast of old and young (which is the more determined?)
10th (52 votes) Blackberries
this is a beautiful work of art capturing not only the web but the blackberries in all stages of growth - well composed with a striking contrast of textures and colours - I like the 'noticed' group of small, completely natural things. There is a transient intensity here, illustrated by brilliant colours and the contrasting stages of the fruits' development.
11th (45 votes) Gower Road
We used to deliver milk very early in the morning on this road; snow as well; great picture - really get the feel of how bleak the weather is - captures the cold, messy feel of half-thawed snow and ice in towns, in characteristic winter light - late afternoon at a guess.
12th (27 votes) Bus Station
A place to rest your tied feet after shopping and let the bus take you home.

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  1. Two comments on the 3rd place St George's Church:
    1. Timmy Mallett's dad (Michael) was curate, not vicar.
    2. Surprising as it may seem from the whiteness of the cleaned stone the church is built of gritstone, not limestone!


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