Saturday, 7 June 2014

A fallen tree in Gower Hey Wood

On a walk a couple of weeks ago I found my way blocked by a tree which had fallen across the duckboards that cross the swampy area in Gower Hey Woods below the access from Swain's Valley and the Trans Pennine Trail - see Hyde Daily Photo.

This view is looking at the fallen tree from the north side of the boards.

I managed to climb over/through it carefully. The weight of the tree had pushed the boards into the swamp - note my muddy footprints.

A view of the tree from the south side of the boards.

I then climbed up on to the cobbled path that leads to Osborne Road and took this photograph overlooking the bank from which the tree had fallen.

When I went back about a week later the obstruction had been cleared.

A contribution to Scenic Weekends.


  1. A fallen tree is a sad sight at times. But it has a special beauty - imaginaing life lived - and often creates some artistic adjustments to the landscape around. Lovely photos.

  2. It made for some interesting pictures .... which you did quite a bit of work to get! Thanks for sharing the results. I had never heard the word 'duckboards' but knew exactly what you meant, even before I saw the picture of it. Perfectly descriptive!


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