Friday, 26 June 2015

Tracks among the buttercups

Hyde College on Stockport Road, Gee Cross opened around 1960. It later became part of Tameside College and was closed in July 2007. Having been in mothballs for many years the site is now being sold in order to help fund a super college in Ashton under Lyne and despite being on Green Belt land a planning application has been made for an estate of 40 houses to be built on the site.

Something has been making large tracks among the buttercups that grow in the grounds.

A contribution to
Skywatch Friday;
Floral Fridays.


  1. And of course the developers don't give a damn about green belts, just how much money they can rake in.

  2. More Hyde asset-stripping...

  3. Pole Bank Hall and it's 13.5 acres will be next it was written into the trusts scheme in 2001.

  4. The Planning Application has been approved so perhaps the builders have moved in already!!!!

  5. Hello Gerald,
    Please come and have a look at the new meme on Saturdays,
    Saturday Silhouettes:
    Kind regards,

  6. Hmmmm, another few multi-storey developments to be built there soon... Pity about the wildflowers and the wide green open space...
    Thanks for taking part in Floral Friday Fotos and I look forward to your next contribution.


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