Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Bye Bye B&Q

B&Q has now moved out of their Hyde branch. The remaining signs urge customers to visit them at their bigger stores in Ashton (5 miles away) and Stockport (7.5 miles away) - OK if you have a car - neither store is very accessible using public transport.

Aldi also used to be here until they moved to new premises just down the road. Their old premises were briefly occupied in 2011 by Pound Empire Xtra.

All that is left here now is £-pound stretcher extra. When £-stretcher took over the former Woolworths in 2009 it was expected that they'd soon close their shop next to B&Q but they didn't and so still maintain a double presence in the town.

A number of former B&Q stores are being turned into Screwfix stores. Both are owned by the Kingfisher group. One rumour is that Primark are interested in the site. Other rumours are purely wide speculation.

A contribution to Ruby Tuesday and Our World Tuesday.


  1. I like the name Pound Stretcher. I hope it does what it says.

  2. sad to see people losing their jobs

  3. They're stores that aren't here, but we do have corresponding stores.

  4. poundstretcher is closing.... was speaking to someone who works there - they being moved to other stores

  5. We have two Poundstretcher stores here in Llandudno, and a B&Q. Shame this one shut, the other stores are a fair old distance away... people assume that everyone has a car and distance is no object.


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